Off the edge of history: the world in the 21st century

Anthony_Giddens_at_the_Progressive_Governance_Converence,_Budapest,_Hungary,_2004_OctoberSpeaker(s): Professor Lord Giddens
Chair: Professor Judy Wajcman

Recorded on 19 February 2013 in Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building.

The risks we face, and the opportunities we have, in the 21st century are in many respects quite different from those experienced in earlier periods of history. How should we analyse and respond to such a world? What is a rational balance of optimism and pessimism? How can we plan for a future that seems to elude our grasp and in some ways is imponderable?

Anthony Giddens is former Director of the LSE and a member of the House of Lords.

Access the audio here.


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